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Epik does not provide direct sales and marketing services (we have partners for that), instead focusing on what is needed to enable both in generating customer traction. No customers. No revenue. A sales team, internal, external, or even partners, need the appropriate tools – messaging and content, as well as training on how to effectively use both. This is where Epik shines. Acting as a complimentary partner with a, potentially singular, internal product expert or evangelist to turn their knowledge and passion into compelling content that truly resonates with their customers.



What, for whom, and why…

Developing deep insights and knowledge of your market, customers, and competition are the basis on which to build value proposition, market landscape, and product positioning (Research & Strategy). Falling squarely on the shoulders of product marketing Epik can step into this role or work with the existing product marketing team. From market research to developing customer experience requirements to launch readiness we can build the wall on which you communicate with customers, or perhaps just add some bricks and mortar where required.



Add secret sauce…

Authoring compelling product stories that will drive customers to buy your product is a combination of both science and art. Metrics, sizing, pricing, and clarity on value are essential but except on rare occasion most products are fishing in the same customer pond as the competition. Epik can help with effective “bits and bytes” objective comparison, whitepapers, etc. but this should go hand-in-hand with sifting out your unique “unfair advantage” and wrapping it within a story both informative and interesting to the target audience to make you stand out.



Drive targeted sales success!

Customers are looking for a trusted advisor in their field. Someone who speaks their language and is considered “inside the walls” with them rather than on the outside. Epik can take market sizing for our clients to a more granular level to identify which, if any, industry verticals are more attractive than others.

We can then match this to internal vertical expertise, supplementing where appropriate, to identify a “beachhead strategy” focused on winning a particular [vertical] market first before moving into other, potentially larger markets. The largest vertical market may not be the right first market for longevity of success. Epik then works with our clients to build reputation and account penetration in one vertical as part of an on-going “bowling pin” growth strategy to knock down subsequent verticals.

“A salesperson talking to a Pharmaceutical company about ERP better understand the difference between process and discrete manufacturing as well as the regulatory requirements so central to the drug industry.”


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