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We are experts in cutting-edge technology solutions.

We live at the limits of what is driving innovation in today's world. We thrive in environments that involve complex systems design and development, all while working with our clients within an ethos of sustainability – Environmental, Social, and Economic.

Epik difference is our goal

From improving food production and reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in Agriculture, to making the world greener through renewable energy solutions, and even the use of more efficient and effective distributed computing technology solutions, Epik is our name and making an Epik difference is our goal.

Irrespective of stage, our team of incredible people provides the Technical Skills and Domain Knowledge, that helps our clients to Design, Deploy and Deliver their products, projects, or initiatives across the Success Finish Line.

3 offices, clients around the world

San Diego, CA (HQ)

Denver, CO


Meet our team



Tim O’Neal


Technical Leadership / Startup Inception to Exit  / Distributed Computing Systems (Patented)

Tim has over 20 years of experience working with organizations, from startups to large enterprises, needing to execute efficiently amidst rapid change and/or incredible growth. As a results-orientated leader, Tim specializes in rapidly bringing together cross-functional teams to deliver on critical business objectives. Embracing flexibility, making progress irrespective of constraints, dealing with ambiguity, and working with incomplete information, allows Tim to drive client success irrespective of circumstance.

Frank Colson


Artificial Intelligence & Data Science / Blockchain / Product Management & SDLC

Frank is an innovative, business-focused, technology leader with more than 20 years of hands-on experience contributing to better business performance by improving processes and skillfully aligning technical resources with corporate objectives. As an expert in cutting-edge technologies, including AI and Data Science, Frank can guide what technology should be used, how, and where, to build the right solution. As DevOps and Agile software development team mentor he also ensures solutions are built and deployed effectively.

Kevin Hannah


Market Research & Analysis / Positioning & Content Development / Launch Strategy & Planning

Kevin’s 25+ years’ working across all aspects of the product lifecycle has provided the experience and insight required to identify and match market opportunity with differentiated positioning to build a compelling story essential for product or service success. He is also adroit with messaging and content creation, whether it be in the form of whitepaper, presentation, or magazine article. Coupled to sales and partner enablement, Kevin helps clients drive effective (new) product introduction and on-going customer traction.

Michael Stiles


Agile Methods / Project & Service Delivery / Business Process Management

Michael over a 25+ year career has developed best in class professional services programs, products and platforms, and driven their adoption as an innovative change agent. With an inherent ability to listen to customers, comprehend complex and abstract systems, Michael finds optimal solutions and can methodically approach any problem to achieve the most beneficial outcome. Using an Agile-based business approach, Michael has successfully delivered data management and governance/DataOps, business analytics, and AI solutions, among others.

Brad Rambur


CyberSecurity / Digital Transformation / Systems Architecture & PermissionManagement (Patented)

Brad brings over 25 years of leadership experience, deep technical expertise, and the ability to help leaders better leverage technology to maximize alignment of people and teams to the mission. He specializes in driving innovation and digital transformation efforts by designing, developing, deploying and securing force-amplifying technology platforms to accelerate company performance while protecting company and customer data. Brad currently sits on the Advisory Board of the San Diego Cyber Center of Excellence.


Russ Meyer

Director of Engineering

Luis Villamil

Software Engineer

Nick Colina

Sr. Data Scientist

Victor Rojas

Sr. Software Engineer

Antonio Reyes


Joe Fauth

Project Manager

Adolfo Ibarra

Project Manager

Tyler Ready

Jr. Data Engineer

Jesus Garcia

Jr. Software Engineer


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